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Fixed Income

EG Capital Advisors provides a wide range of financial services across public markets worldwide including equity, fixed-income and multi-asset investment capabilities. The company offers fixed and customized financial strategies as well as portfolio management and related advisory. The clients also benefit from the EG Capital Advisors’ experience in complex financial products requiring the infrastructure and expertise of several business fields (e.g. asset management, portfolio restructuring and fund raising). Among the Company’s competitive advantages is bottom-up driven approach based on solid in-house research capabilities.

As of H1 2016 EG Capital Advisors advises over
in fixed income portfolios and tailored investment strategies.
Also EG Capital Partners manages pension assets of around
on behalf of two Russian rapid developing non-state pension funds holding leading positions in mandatory and voluntary pension systems.

Emerging markets

While providing the worldwide access to public markets, EG Capital Advisors’ core expertise lies in emerging markets fixed income. The company offers Emerging Markets (EM) High Yield Debt Strategy that aims to generate high single-digit return from investments in EM corporate bonds. The strategy is available through fund (EG Fixed Income Fund I formed in early 2014) as well as through managed accounts.

Leveraged strategies are also available.

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