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Fixed Income – Emerging Markets

The EG Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield Strategy has been run since 2004 and has a 4-year track record.  The strategy is characterised by meticulous bottom-up credit analysis delivered by an investment team with an average of nearly ten years of experience.  EG Capital Advisors aims to achieve superior returns while maintaining low volatility and believes that an asset class with an inherently higher risk profile must be managed conservatively.

The strategy is delivered through:


EG Capital Advisors has recently launched an Irish UCITS vehicle EG Capital Advisors ICAV (Irish Collective Asset Management Vehicle), to offer this strategy to investors requiring a European regulatory framework. Mirabella Financial Services LLP is an Investment Manager of the vehicle with KB Associates ManCo. acting as Manager.

The EG Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield Fund sub-fund reproduces the existing hard currency Emerging Markets High Yield Corporate Strategy.

EG Capital Advisors UK Limited is an Appointed Representative of Mirabella Advisers LLP, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Cayman Island Funds and Managed Accounts

Qualified investors are able to access the Emerging Markets High Yield Corporate Strategy using a set of Cayman vehicles, such as funds and managed accounts.

EG Capital Advisors Cayman Islands manages the Group’s Fixed Income Cayman Island Funds and Managed Accounts, private equity strategies and EG Life Sciences Fund.

EG Capital Advisors UK Limited is an Appointed Representative of Mirabella Advisers LLP, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Mirabella Financial Services LLP is the investment manager of the Irish UCITS vehicle, EG Capital Advisors ICAV (Irish Collective Investment Vehicle), with KBA Consulting Management Limited acting as Management Company. Mirabella Financial Services LLP has seconded key personnel from EG Capital Advisors UK Limited to manage the EG Capital Advisors ICAV.

Unless otherwise stated, all references to EG Capital Advisors are to the EG Capital Advisors group of companies. All references to the Investment Team are to the investment team at EG Capital Advisors Cayman Islands.