About Us
Management Team
Olga Tartakovskaya
CEO, EG Capital Advisors
Having comprehensive expertise in finance and risk management Olga runs general management of the holding in her CEO role.
Dimitry Griko
Chief Investment Officer
Dimitry manages the EG fixed income investment team and has over 15 years of experience in asset management. Previously Dimitry held positions in Everest Asset Management, Sanno Point Capital Management, and Deutsche Bank AG.
Kirill Kul
Managing Director
After being for 10 years with Financial Corporation Otkritie and O1 Group, Kirill is responsible for business development of EG private equity projects.
Michael Kasumov
CEO EG Capital Advisors London
Michael is responsible for EG Capital Advisors’ London office and Investor Relations since 2016. He has over 17 years of experience in investment management. Previously Mr Kasumov held top positions in Citigroup, Lehman Brothers, and Nomura Holdings.
Sergey Kalgashkin
Head of Research
Sergey has a strong expertise in credit risks assessment and credit analysis with over 10 years of experience in such companies as VTB Capital Management and Everest Asset Management.
Julia Oleynik
Chief Operating Officer, Fixed Income
With over 20 years of experience in Royal Bank of Scotland Russia (former ABN AMRO Bank Russia) Julia is responsible for overall operations including infrastructure, finance, marketing and communication.
Sergey Kazakov
Chief Legal Officer
Sergey has over 15 years experience in large financial holdings including Metropol, Antanta Capital, Financial Corporation Otkritie and O1 Group.
Georgy Sorokin
Chief Operating Officer, Private Equity
Experienced in financial planning and budgeting of investment projects gained during years with Financial Corporation Otkritie and ICT Group Georgy is responsible for end-to-end delivery and maintenance of private equity projects.
Alexander Lobachev
Investment Director
With background in research of such companies as EY, O1 Group and Innovation Center Skolkovo, Alexander oversees business assessment of private equity projects.